Bookmark Days

Bookmark Days (Girlfriend Fiction, #9)  Avril Stanton has lived on a farm ever since she can remember.  She doesn’t go to school because it is too far away and her job is to cut crops and help out where she can, but all of that changes when her cousins from the city comes to stay with them.  Avril is the same age as her cousin Katie but they couldn’t be more different.  Avril rides her horse around in their paddock,  while her ostentatious cousin is painting her nails and complaining about the cellphone reception.  Avril’s life is a breeze until she meets her attractive neighbour Nathaniel and to her it is love at first sight. His only fault is that he is a Carrington. Avril’s family and the Carrington’s have been at war for the for the past three generations, due to some disagreement with her grandfather and the old Mr. Carrington. Will she be able to win over her stubbourn grandfather and unite the two family’s, or will her chances to ever get together with Nathaniel go down the drain? Read Bookmark Days to find out. 
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Drew Ryan Scott-Perfect Fit

I really love this song because it has a really catchy tune, and it’s a cool song to listen to. I also like it because it kind of explains a story (as do most songs) while he is singing the song. This is just the lyric video for this song but if you want to see the official video you can just go onto YouTube and type up Drew Ryan Scott- Perfect Fit and listen to it and also see what other kinds of songs he’s made. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment;)

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie

 Girl, Missing (Girl, Missing, #1)Lauren was adopted at the age of three, by her parents that she is currently living with, and her life seems to be going okay. But when a teacher at school assigns homework on a report about “Who am I”, she begins to wonder who she really is, and who her real parents are and why they left her, but whenever she confronts her parents about it, they just brush her off and tell her that they know nothing about them. Knowing that she won’t get any help from her parents, Lauren embarks on a journey with her best friend Jam, using the clues from a website about lost girls, one of them looking, coincidentally, a lot like Lauren. Lauren discovers a lot about her past, and not all of it for the better and learns a valuable lesson about how important friends really are. Will Lauren find her real parents and get to ask them why they left her so many years before or will her journey take a sudden slope downwards? Read Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie to find out. 

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What happened after the not-so-fortunate funeral

‘Deep breath Arianne. Good girl; in, out , in ,out.’
Oh, that was terrible. Some family member who I had never met before died a couple of weeks ago, and I just watched their body lowered in the ground.
‘Don’t you dare puke on yourself . Think optimistic thoughts.’
I walk out of the graveyard and out onto the street. It’s a pretty busy day today, and I watch as cars zoom past and drive further down the road. I turn and trudge past the local school, down to the alleyways. I’m not paying much attention to where I’m walking, just so long as I can get as far away as possible from that graveyard. Crash!  What was that? I advance towards where the sound came from, which happens to be around the building corner. I hear the faint sounds of voices, and the thought of running floats through my brain.
Continue, or run back to my parents? I comprehend this for a big longer until the sound of breaking glass slices through my thoughts. I peer round the corner silently, hoping for a quick glimpse before I turn and run. I see a group of men hauling something out of the shop with the broken window. I gasp and turn to run, but my foot strikes against the metal on the edge of the corner and I fall over.
“What was that?” asks one of the men, cautiously.
“I don’t hear anything.” replies another henchman.
“Come on, we need to get back to work. You know how the boss is when we arrive in late, and this is really important.”
I scramble off the floor and start to run, but I knock into something hard, and solid. I gasp. It was one of the henchman!
“Sorry miss” he says” but you’re gonna have to come with us”.  I struggle to get free, but his grip is vice-like and impossible to get out of. I scream, a desperate, high pitched scream but it’s no use and the henchmen are surrounding me. I look into the henchman’s eyes, and I see them filled with guilt, before a cloth is shoved under my nose, smelling faintly of tobacco; but I have one last thought appears in my mind. ‘Will I ever see my parents again?’, and everything goes black.

Reading, Reading, and Reading

I love reading, and I think that it is a great way to spend time. There are all sorts of different genres when it comes reading books, and let me tell you, there is quite a large assortment of them. Firstly, there are the main genres, which are fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books are stories that are made of, and non-fiction books have lots of facts, and could be about the past historical events. Because there are a lot of them, I have decided to list them all:
  • Science Fiction,
  • Drama,
  • Mystery,
  • Horror,
  • History,
  • Art,
  • Comics,
  • Childrens,
  • Religious,
  • Poetry,
  • Journals,
  • Diaries,
  • Fantasy,
  • Distopian and one of my most favourites,
  • Romance. 
There are a lot more genres than what I put in the list and those that are there, are more fiction than non-fiction, but you can get non-fiction journals and diaries too.  “The diary of Anne Frank”, was a non-fiction story and has been a big success all around the world. At the beginning of the year, our teacher gave us a book to keep track of the books that we have read, and I had also set myself a goal to read 95-100 books this year, and I am around the 80 mark. I still have time to reach my goal, but I love to read a lot which is why the book that we keep track of our books in, is very helpful.  
I thoroughly enjoyed a book called “The Cinderella Moment” by Jennifer Kloester, which was about a girl who loved fashion, but had no money and no connections. When a chance to enter a couture competition comes by her, Angel Moncouer doesn’t think twice about her decision, but then the devious Clarissa Kane steals her entries, and marks them as her own. The chance to get them back draws near, Angel decides to take the risk. All she needs to do is go to Paris, pretend to be her best friend Lilly de Tourney, convince the Comtess, Lilly’s grandmother, that she is Lilly, and break into the famous Vidal’s fashion studio, and take back her entries. Not to overbearing. I recommend this book to girls who like fashion,
Paris, romance, and the value of friendship, no matter what the situation.  
The Cinderella Moment
I really enjoyed the series called “The Ascendance Trilogy”.  These are all fantasy books by Jennifer A. Nielsen. The first book, which is called “The false Prince” is taken from the perspective of Sage, a young orphan who steals and lies as often as you or I breath. One day when a mysterious man turns up at the orphanage and wants to buy Sage from Mrs. Turbeldy, the Head Mistress of the orphanage, Sage doesn’t mind a bit, his thoughts only based on the fact that he was getting out of the orphanage for misshaped boys. But when he tries to run, as him and his new company reach the outside of the gates, he is grabbed, hit, and tied up by the strange man’s henchmen. Sage, and two other boys taken from other orphanages, are forced to work for the stranger, and fight each other for a place in the perilous plan. That place, is to be a false prince.  I recommend this series for people 10 years and older, who enjoy adventure, a bit of a laugh, and dangerous situations. 
The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy, #1)   The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy, #2)   The Shadow Throne
Like I said, reading is great, and I still have time to reach my goal of 95-100 books this year, “The Shadow Throne” being one of them. I have to get back to my book, but I hope you enjoy one of these books I recommended but don’t forget to continue reading, reading, and reading. 

The Next In Line (first couple chapters)

I am not like the rest of my family. I am wealthy, I am famous, and I am seventeen years old, but amidst all the wealth, glamour, and specific obligations, there is a seventeen year old princess who never wanted any of it. This is my story and I intend to tell it exactly the way it is.


One bright summer’s morning, on the 2nd of January in Buckingham Palace, London, a princess was born. Her name was Arianne Elizabeth Bernadette, the great, great granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and the future Queen of England. She was born with blue eyes, and light blond hair and enjoyed the outdoors, music, and being the centre of attention. As she grew, so did her stubbornness and she had to have everything in a certain way. This stubborn little princess, I might add, is me. When I turned seven years old, my parents decided to have a special anniversary for me and sent out invitations all over the world inviting Kings, Queens, and their children to stay at the palace for two weeks in honor of my birthday. My parents had a strong connection to the monarchy in America, so they had been the first to be invited and that has been the tradition ever since.


I awoke to the sounds of curtains being opened, and the fluttering sounds of birds flapping around outside. Beams of sunlight shot through the windows and light floods the room. I have a large walk-in wardrobe, and a mahogany desk over in one corner, and pressed up against the creamy pink coloured wall is a leather sofa. And of course there is my bed, my stereo, and my piano. My mother sits on the end of my bed and pulls the cover off me. I groan to myself, and she laughs.
“Get up darling, we have a big day ahead of us. The anniversary is today and it is customary to greet the guests who are coming in the great hall”. I grumble to myself and roll over, pulling my pillow tight around my head. I feel mother stand up and the next thing I know the pillow is off my head, and I am being picked up and swung around. I start to laugh, but soon the dizzy feeling that accompanies being swung around arrives and a sickening feeling makes its way to my stomach.
“Stop, stop!” I yell, “ I’ll cooperate”. I hear someone laugh and I am then shaken up and down.
“Are you sure?” someone taunts.
“Yes, I’m sure, just put me down before I throw up on you!” I am then turned the right way up and placed gently on the ground. “ Alright sunshine, time to get up, unless you want to be spun around again.” I look up and see my father smiling down at me. I roll my eyes at him and go over and press a button on the wall. Soon a maid comes in and curtsies. “ Watson, could you please set up the bathtub and get my dress ready. Oh, and could you please send in Charlotte with a tray of food.” She nods and smiles at me. “Yes, miss” she says and turns and heads into the bathroom connected to my room. I turn to Mother and Father and shoo them out of the room. “I need to get ready, and I can’t do that with you in here!” They laugh and walk out together down the hall to the dining room, overseeing the preparations for the dinner tonight. I sit on my bed and wait for Watson to finish up getting my bath ready. I get up and walk over to the window, which gives me a view of the gardens that surround the palace and the gate with all the guards in their funny looking uniforms with the large, fuzzy hats. ‘I wonder what everyone will be wearing to the party’ I think to myself. I think about all the people that will be there: Kings, Queens, and their children. I wonder if there will be anyone my age at the party. My thoughts are interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. I walk over and open it to see Charlotte carrying a tray full of food.
“Thank you, Charlotte. Could you please put it on the desk over there?” I ask, my mouth watering at the sight of food.
“Yes, miss” she says and places the tray on the desk as Watson walks out from the bathroom.
“Miss, the bathtub is ready for you and while you’re in there, Charlotte and I will get your dress ready”. I walk over to the door to my bathroom and thank Watson and Charlotte before closing the door. I undress and climb into the bathtub which is now filled with bubbles and start to wash myself and my hair. Resuming my thoughts to when I was by the window, I thought about the Prince from America. I had never met him before although I had met his parents on some occasions although it was a very brief conversation. I remember that his mother had blonde hair and blue eyes, while his father had chestnut brown hair and greeny-brown eyes. I am looking forward to meeting him to see if he is as my parents describe him. I finish washing myself and step out of the bathtub, the warmth from the hot water leaving me. I grab hold of my towel and grasp it closely to my sides as I make my way out of the bathroom. As I enter my room, I see a stunning magenta dress laid out on my bed and beside them are silver bracelets and a silver crown with jewels encrusted along the sides. Alongside the dress is a black coloured box, with the logo of ‘Prada’. I turn and look at Charlotte and Watson who are looking at me and smiling.
“Go on” they urge and smile at my hesitance.
“Are you sure?” I ask still staring at the box. They both laugh again. “Of course, they’re yours after all” replies Watson. I carefully pry the lid off the box and gasp. Inside were the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen! They were six inch, purple heels with rhinestones along the bottom heels and on the tips of the shoes.
“Oh they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen,” I gush “but will Mother and Father allow me to wear them?” I ask not as enthusiastically. “Of course they will” answers Charlotte “because they were the ones that ordered them for you. You are thirteen years old and this is a special occasion, so I don’t see why not.” I turn my gaze back to the shoes and can’t help but think how glamorous I will look. With one last look at the shoes, I turn and face the two maids standing in front of me. “Lets get me fixed up then”, I say and the two maids look at each other before declaring, “This is going to be so much fun!!!”.

The World’s One and Only Mountain Parrot

The Kea

The Kea is one of New Zealand’s most prized birds. Keas are alpine parrots that live above the forest line  in mountains areas of the South Island, hidden from human threats below. Because Keas are rare, spectacular birds they are highly valuable and have been found drugged and hidden in people’s belongings ready to be smuggled out of it’s native country,  and sold at high prices. New Zealand’s rare parrot is known to be one of the most intelligent birds alive.

Many people in the South Island will be familiar with the Keas orange coloured underwing and speckled blotches of yellow. If seen from above, you would see its olive green feathers, with blue and black tips. The Kea is a well built parrot that usually has the body length of  46-50 cm long. It has broad wings and a small tail, with 4 toes on each foot, two pointing forward and two pointing back,  allowing it to manipulate things around them. The Kea has a long, narrow, curved beak that can be used for making nests, feeding their young, and most  importantly, it can be used for hunting prey and collecting food.

Keas have a mixed diet. They eat berries, leaves, fruits, nectar, insects, roots, and carrion, and have been known to scavenge for food in rubbish bins. Keas have also been known for attacking larger animals such as sheep, which is why Keas are so disliked by farmers. Because they kill the sheep, the farmers got permission from the government to shoot the Kea. 150, 000 Keas were killed until they were placed under full protection in 1986. This is a result of Keas and humans sharing the same habitat.

Besides living near high country farms, Keas live in forests or along the mountain slopes. Some people have caught a glimpse of the Kea along the forest line or where they are found in numbers at ski fields. Kea hang around the ski fields because there is a lot of food and a lot of strange objects to feed to their curiosity. A habitat gives living creatures shelter to live because if animals didn’t have shelter, then there would be nowhere to survive horrible weather conditions or a place  for them to hide from predators.

It wasn’t just the farmers that forced the Keas population downwards. Even when the Keas were placed under protection some animals still got to them and killed them. These animals were cats, stoats, ferrets, weasels, and possums. Keas are very vulnerable to their predators because they nest in holes in the ground that are easy to find and easy to access. Even though there aren’t many Keas left, they still try to lay eggs and keep their life cycle going.

Keas have a strange breeding formation, and often mate with the same male many times,  usually producing 3-4 eggs. They breed after 3 years of age and occurs  from July through to January. Through out the winter the the female, after having mated with the male Kea, goes out to collect dry tussock, ferns, and moss to make the nest.  Once the nest is made, the Kea settles down and awaits the food from the male. The male comes back with the food he has collected and feeds the female, though once he is finished feeding her, he has to leave the nest. While humans don’t go out as much as they do in the summer, and some animals are in hibernation, the Keas are getting ready to breed. The female stays close to the nest while the male goes further to forage. Inside the nest, the female will have laid an egg. It normally takes from 2-3 days before the Kea has laid all her eggs, all the while the male is collecting food and keeping an eye on the nest. After a couple of long days, the eggs start to shake and carefully, little tiny beaks peck their way out of its shell while the mother watches, making sounds of encouragement. Mother Keas are the ones responsible for feeding the baby Keas until they are 1 month old, when they are able to explore, then the male is able to feed them.  The male takes a big part of raising the chicks by playing with them, teaching them to fly, and watching them if they wander off. They all stay close to the nest until they are able to fend for themselves, which is usually 10-13 weeks after birth. Females remain in the area of their birth, while the males make up their own flocks. The females build their nest in forests, among tree roots, between rocks, in a burrow or in a hollow log.

New Zealand’s alpine parrot is definitely a unique one,  judging  from the way that they do everything.  The Kea is the only living alpine parrot in the entire world, which only makes this bird more special. Everything about the Kea is amazing. All the details on its body are extraordinary and everything that they do to breed, collect food and fend for themselves is the result of  how clever they are. Despite how unique they are, they are still endangered. Not as much as some birds are, but they are on their way.  And we can do something about it. Next time you’re at a public park and you see someone throwing something at a Kea, stand in the way and just gently shoo at them,  so that they will leave without being harmed. When the baby Kea has fully grown, it will fly away to start a new family and begin a new live somewhere else. This is the way it has been ever since the first few Keas were alive, and it will go on that way until it is extinct.


Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I saw Catching Fire a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! It is a fantastic movie and it’s staring (like in the first movie)  Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth.  It’s not as gory as the first movie but neither of them are scary. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, here is the trailer. I hope you enjoy:)

Celebrity of the Week

Okay, so I was kind of running out of things to write about when I thought hit me (not actually hit me because that would hurt) that I should do a post every week on any kind of celebrity.  Okay, so I am going to write   about Josh Hutcherson. adorable So we know that he stared in the ‘Hunger Games’, ‘The Polar Express’ and in ‘The Bridge to Terabithia’.
Josh Hutcherson was born on October 12 1992 and is a fantabulous actor.  He first started acting at the age of 9 and had wanted to be an actor since he was 4 years old. His parents took him to a screen test and (as per usual) he was a natural.  He then went to Hollywood and was accepting rolls almost immediately. He landed a part in the ‘American Splendor’ and in ‘The Polar Express’.  Not only that, he is also extremely good-looking.
Josh is amazing and I would love to meet him:) He is a great inspiration and one day( If I’m ever good enough haha) I would like to star in a movie, though I seriously doubt that I would get in because I’m not that great at acting, but there’s always a first time.
I will keep you updated and write about other celebrities in the next week or so:) Maybe next I will do Jennifer Lawrence.